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Technology Design House

Commercial Strategy + Business Model + Product Development + Architecture

Blockchain Thought-Leader

Technology Philosophy + Media + Publication + Trend Analysis

Advisory + Consulting

Advisory + Ideation + Project Roadmap + Use-case Design

We Work With


We work directly with corporate executives and organizations across numerous industries worldwide, who seek an industry edge and envision an enhanced, technology driven business model.


We advise governmental representatives on how to resolve large-scale economic issues and implement Blockchain solutions to improve socio-economic cohesion.

Smart Cities

We work alongside Smart Cities’ leaders to develop technology infrastructure strategies to support sustainable cities.

We see patterns and connections across economies

Joining layers of data creates synchrony, understanding.

A shift in technologies is happening.

Which is why we’re building an integrated suite of products and services in a single, secure platform.

Our Core Tech

Data valuation platform for industries.

The foundational project comprises of nine (9) core systems, with up to 35 systems set for future development. Their purpose is to generate data valuation dashboards for the oversight of capital creation and allocation.

Each of the industry verticals that sit on top of the platform will utilise the underlying core technology systems, an advanced approach similar to Ethereum and EOS.

Reclaim and capitalize on your data with Synchroniciti.

Core components:
  • Blockchain
  • Asset Registry
  • Wallet
  • Oracles
  • Exchange
  • Block Explorer
  • Branded Currency Mint
  • Treasury
  • Smart Contract

Our Projects

We work on some innovative and exciting projects. Take a look.

The Intraverse Institute

Bridging the gap between technological innovation and business application.

Blockchain Feasibility + Currency Design + Distributed Technologies + Provenance + Tokenomics

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