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Opening new economic dimensions through distributed technologies never seen before on a global scale.

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The Great Convergence

Melbourne seminar
Coming soon – November 2018

Learn from industry experts and thought leaders about the technologial convergence between blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), the 5G network and how your industry can benefit from this major technology leap.

Blueprint to Blue Sky

We build blockchain platform infrastructure that allows our industry partners to become part of the peer-to-peer economy.

Translating consumer behaviors to raise your industry potential.

Who will be the industry winners in the age of open data?

Recent events have shown that our data is regularly collected and utilized for profit with or without an individual’s permission, over US$3 trillion in 2017 alone.

Subsequently, people are beginning to appreciate the inherent value of their own data, the importance of data sovereignty and its impact on daily interactions.

Since the advent of blockchain technology and its ever-increasing accessibility to the individual, the rise of authentic data is changing the way our information is managed and used.

Our platform enables self-sovereign data collection, all the while allowing industry leaders the ability to collect and monetize a larger source of qualitative data that is accurate and readily available.

Intraverse shares a common vision of regenerating every industry for a smarter economic future.

We are more than just technologists, we are social entrepreneurs and practitioners.

From conception through to implementation, we develop solutions for your unique requirements together.

We have the team, resources, investors, and networks essential to command industry success and capture market share.

Be the market leader in your industry.

We Build Platforms For Your Industry

The rise of the individual is upon our industries, with peer-to-peer economies growing stronger in both popularity and adoption.

Individuals already have platforms to share and give power to their own voice, but where are the platforms to support industries?

Our mission is to provide a coherent passage for industries to thrive in the new age of user friendly platforms.

We develop the necessary tools and capabilities for industries to not only compete, but to also lead industry standards advantageously.

Build a platform for the voice of your industry.

We Work With


We work directly with corporate executives and organizations across numerous industries worldwide, who seek an industry edge and envision an enhanced, technology driven business model.


We advise governmental representatives to resolve large-scale economic issues and implement Blockchain solutions to improve socio-economic cohesion.

Smart Cities

We work alongside Smart Cities’ leaders to provide the innovation strategy required to compete and lead on the global market, developing technology infrastructure plans to support a more a sustainable city.

Our Core Tech

The Synchroniciti Platform empowers corporations, industries, and individuals to create their own currencies that can be used only how they define. It also enables the data wallet to give the individual complete control over their data and the ability to leverage its value.

Reclaim and capitalize on your data with Synchroniciti.

The core components of the Synchroniciti Platform are as follows:

  • Distributed Ledger
  • Data Transactions
  • Wallet
  • On-chain Exchange
  • Block Explorer
  • Coin Factory
  • Distributed Storage
  • Application Programming Interfaces (API)

Our Core Technology Solution

Discover how this revolutionary technology can change the way you do business and reach new customers.

Treasure map of the world’s mineral wealth

Mineral Assurance provides a Mining Data Economy, combining a document-upload marketplace with blockchain technology. This economy enables the creation of alternative project funding and additional financial instruments. We believe that the future value of reserves and mine tenements will be established by its data and its upload contributors. Blockchain technology is the final piece to enable real-time document authentication in the mining industry – the most powerful way to underpin an economy.

Our Projects

We work on some innovative and exciting projects. Take a look.

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