Our Vision

We build blockchain platform infrastructure that allows our industry partners to become part of the peer-to-peer economy.

Translating consumer behaviors to raise your industry potential.


Who will be the industry winners in the age of open data?

Recent events have shown that our data is regularly collected and utilized for profit with or without an individual’s permission, over US$3 trillion in 2017 alone.

Subsequently, people are beginning to appreciate the inherent value of their own data, the importance of data sovereignty and its impact on daily interactions.

Since the advent of blockchain technology and its ever-increasing accessibility to the individual, the rise of authentic data is changing the way our information is managed and used.

Our platform enables self-sovereign data collection, all the while allowing industry leaders the ability to collect and monetize a larger source of qualitative data that is accurate and readily available.

Intraverse shares a common vision of regenerating every industry for a smarter economic future.

We are more than just technologists, we are social entrepreneurs and practitioners.

From conception through to implementation, we develop solutions for your unique requirements together.

We have the team, resources, investors, and networks essential to command industry success and capture market share.

Be the market leader in your industry.

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