The Intraverse Institute is an educational institute that provides education and training services to the business community, with a particular focus on emerging digital technologies.

It seeks to help business in understanding the impact and application of new technologies such as Distributed Ledgers (Blockchain), cryptocurrencies, the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), autonomous machines and robotics.

The Institute seeks to bridge the gap between technological innovation and business application. It provides educational opportunities for business leaders that explore the impact of technology on business processes and systems.

The Institute, with the assistance of partners, sponsors and speakers, will conduct an ongoing series of Conferences, Seminars and Workshops.

Events + Courses

Our programs will bring you up-to-speed with rapidly emerging technologies such as distributed ledgers (Blockchain), smart contracts, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. 

Aimed at business, you will become familiar with the technologies that are transforming the way business is done. And you select the level of program you want, whether that is introductory programs on the business impact of blockchain or more advanced programs on token economics or smart contracts.

Our Foundations of Blockchain program (four half-days) is also presented as part of Deakin University’s MBA program. And we’re delivering these programs overseas as well such as our three-day public sector program designed for the Dubai “Smart City” project, financed by the UAE government.

Our full listing is below. And we are adding more, in response to demand from industry.

Our schedule for Sydney and Brisbane will follow shortly.

Program Schedule for Melbourne includes:

  • Blockchain for Business
  • Foundations of Blockchain
  • Workshop: Building the Business Case for a Blockchain Application
  • Workshop: Blockchain – Government Implications and Applications

The Intraverse Institute is the education and training division of Intraverse Technologies

For enquiries about our services, please contact us or connect with Anouk directly:
+61 484 005 661

Educators + Speakers

Anouk Pinchetti

Head of Education & Blockchain Strategy Consultant

Anouk has been studying complementary and alternative currencies for 20 years and has been involved in a number of community currencies. He has a wide-ranging background in IT including Software Development, Architecture, and Project Management. He has been leading workshops in Blockchain Technology and Currency design for the last two years.

Companies and institutions – Intellectual Property Australia (IPA), Blockchain Centre, Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF), Jetstar, Louis Dreyfuss, Carlton United Breweries (CUB), CPA Australia

Universities – Deakin University, Melbourne University

Blockchain startups – Blockgrain, Unicorn, Buildsort, Pollenpay, uRTH, and a range of others.

Anouk is an active trainer for the Blockchain Centre (Melbourne) and Knowledgehut.

Interviews with Anouk on various topics can be found on: Crypto Clothesline, Trader Cobb, and two different interviews with Dollars With Sense.

He has presented at conferences and events including BlockConscious, the Bitcoin & Blockchain Fair, and Momentum (Pakistan).

Harry Onsman

Strategic Advisor

Harry has 25 years of experience as a Management Consultant and Process Facilitator, and is the author of multiple books on management, leadership and training.

Harry has worked in and managed various consulting organisations including: Intraverse Technologies, Re:Construction, Performance Training International, Wheeler Strobel Consulting Group, Siddons Gilbert Partnership, Options Consulting Group, Dench McClean Carlson and Condico Consulting.

He is the author of:

  • Management Powertools (McGraw-Hill 2003)
  • The Uncertain Art of Management (McGraw-Hill, 2002)
  • The Heart and Soul of Leadership (co-author, McGraw-Hill, 2002)
  • Taking Control of Training (1991)

Harry has written extensively on the social impact of blockchain and crypto currencies. He is currently researching the topics of blockchain-based provenance processes and the use of “oracles” to drive autonomous “smart contracts”.

He has also written various self-paced learning packages. He has published regularly on management issues in Management Today, Manufacturers Monthly, Boss Magazine, and Business Review Weekly.

Harry has taught in various educational programs including Victoria University, University of Wollongong, and various TAFE institutions. He has written a wide variety of resource material for students including units at graduate management program level.

Bradley Hughes

Strategic Advisor

Bradley is a highly experienced digital assets specialist and project manager with a 25 year track record of delivering digital business development capability, including: B2B and B2C service delivery, marketing automation, content marketing and campaign management.

He has spent the last three years full-time in blockchain startups, project management, marketing execution, creating, trading and auctioning digital art assets on Bitcoin blockchain, plus ICO/STO investing and cryptocurrency trading.

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