Providing consulting around blockchain technology.

We review technology for blockchain readiness and we can source or build the relevant technology for your projects. Our experts architect and build token-based business models and cryptocurrency-based products. Our Lab builds MVPs and prototypes.


Industry Platforms

Private permissioned blockchain for corporates.

We understand your data must be privately secured and your industry needs its own blockchain protocols to establish the standard for trading data internally. Data valuation unlocks value for your enterprise and allows you to trade with the stakeholders in your industry economy.

We map and build whole economies, and have the technology to execute treasuries that are based on industry foundation principles.


Blockchain Advisory

Consult and build coin economies.

We develop ICO marketing plans. We can build coins for your project, and we understand the landscape of cryptocurrency investment.

Our networks of crypto, high net worth individuals are looking for interesting projects to invest in.

Let us connect you to your future.


Our Core Technology

The Synchroniciti Platform


The foundation for building industry verticals, mobilizing capital and creating next-generation businesses and innovative products, forming multi-layer economies

Features of the Platform

Distributed Ledger

Synchroniciti is a Distributed Ledger Technology platform that will support millions of cryptocurrencies all running on the same blockchain. It is fundamentally, but not exclusively, a public blockchain with built-in support for creating, registering, and trading cryptocurrencies on the platform.

Data Transactions

All transactions include a value component and a data component. Data contracts per coin define what data is included in each transaction. That contract also enforces rules that may determine where that coin can be transacted and what it is allowed to be swapped for. Owners of the coin have permission to view the data associated with transactions of their coin.


The wallet is a key feature that enables data to be included in value transactions. The wallet supports data contracts that specify what data you agree to reveal about yourself in each transaction of a particular coin, and facilitates transfer of data that may originate from your phone such as your current location.

On-Chain Exchange

Coins that are on the Synchroniciti public chain can be swapped for other coins, as long as the data contract allows that coin to be swapped (i.e. Veggie Coin can be swapped for Organic Coin, but not Tobacco Coin). An on- chain market will exist that supports these swaps at low transaction costs.

Block Explorer

The Block Explorer is an interface that provides all of the transaction data that has occurred. Everything is encrypted, but data from transactions, as defined by the data contracts, are viewable per coin through the use of a private key held by the creator of a particular coin on the Synchroniciti blockchain.

Coin Factory

One of the major aims of Synchroniciti is to support the rapid creation of new coins. The factory makes creating coins easy, with an interface that supports setting up the data rules, data contracts, and coin economy rules. Sync is fed into the factory and then minted into the new coin.

Distributed Storage

Distributed hash tables empower the blockchain ledger as well as the storage of accompanying data.


APIs are a key part of the Synchroniciti platform, exposing the means to create value and data transactions, interact with the wallet, retrieve permissioned data from the chain, create new coins via the factory, and more.

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