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The Synchroniciti Platform

The Synchroniciti Platform empowers corporations, industries, and individuals to create their own currencies that can be used only how they define. It also enables the data wallet to give the individual complete control over their data and the ability to leverage its value.

Reclaim and capitalize on your data with Synchroniciti.

Treasure map of the world’s mineral wealth

Mineral Assurance provides a Mining Data Economy, combining a document-upload marketplace with blockchain technology. This economy enables the creation of alternative project funding and additional financial instruments. We believe that the future value of reserves and mine tenements will be established by its data and its upload contributors. Blockchain technology is the final piece to enable real-time document authentication in the mining industry – the most powerful way to underpin an economy.

Marketplace IT

Helping not-for-profit organizations evolve from traditional charities into social enterprises.

Marketplace IT is a for-profit social enterprise that was started by social entrepreneurs and supported by social investors. To fund their mission, they work with organizations from any sector to help them become more relevant to their customers.

They use their unique Marketplace-as-a-Service technology platform in combination with a range of optional marketing supports provided by their partner, Marketplace Services.

Their key service offerings include Smart Directory solution, Lead generation, Smart Couponing, Membership Service, Loyalty Program, Cross-marketplace Collaboration and a simple integration of all their services.

Data Lords

In the age of media platforms, our interactive media project introduces and challenges new ideas from the distributed edge.

Our rolling commentary and critique of new media revisits the golden era of hard-hitting journalism and incorporating new perspectives.

Long live the Datalords.

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