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Synchroniciti is our data valuation platform for industries.

The foundational project comprises of nine (9) core systems, with up to 35 systems for future development. Their purpose is to generate data valuation dashboards for the oversight of capital creation and allocation.

Each of the industry verticals that sit on top of the platform will utilise the underlying core technology systems, an advanced approach similar to Ethereum and EOS.

Synchroniciti asks us to notice connections

Mineral Assurance

Mineral Assurance is a suite of offerings designed to transform the mining industry including a global platform for funding mining exploration, building Government registries and mineral provenance systems – all through a data exchange powered by blockchain infrastructure.


Avantique gives customers an easy way to personalise and permission their data to brands and stores, elevating the way luxury is experienced through exclusive branded currencies and rewards.

We are underway signing on luxury brand partnerships and ambassadors.

The future of Luxury is here

Forth Impact

Forth Impact is a smart product platform and impact investment vehicle in its early stage, focussed on renewable energy, smart packaging, recycling and carbon currencies.

Using provenance as the technological approach to full product life cycle, we’re creating a data market that rewards consumers for participating in recycling as well as caring about the quality of what the products are made from and where they have come from.

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